Private/Public news

You can set up your ContentBreeze site to be either:

Fully public: News would be available for everyone.

Fully private: All news would be private, only accessible to registered users.

Partly private. Some news would be public while other would be private.

Setting the full website public/private

By default, your website will be public.  If you want to configure it as private, follow these steps:

  1. Within the “Configure” menu choose “Other configuration”
  2. Click on access, which will be public by default. Choose the private option.

You are all set.  Now your entire site will be private and only visible for registered users.

Set only a specific source website as private:

You can set up a specific website or websites to be private while the rest of the site is public.  To do this, first you will set up your site as public (see image above). Then you will set up a specific site or sites as private, by following these steps:

  1. Click on the “Site” configuration menu and choose “List webs”.
  2. Edit the site with the news that you want to make private
  3. Change the site’s access to private (see image below)

How to make only specific news private or public

If you only want to make certain news private, you will need to click the pink button “Make private” as you see below.  You will need to be logged in as admin to see the pink buttons under the news. private-public-5When you make choose to make the news private, you will see that the title of the news turns red (see image below). Click on button “Make public” if you decide to make it public again. private-public-6 Bear in mind that you can also moderate news coming from any website. Moderated news needs to be approved by a person before being published.  Learn more about moderating news in this tutorial.

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