Overview of the two main services we offer

We have two different services; NewsletterBreeze and ContentBreeze.

NewsletterBreeze has the following main features:

  • Bring in news from a site, category of a site or with specific keywords (also from a site).
  • Edit, add or delete specific news.
  • How many times each news has been shared on social media.
  • Landing page for visitors to subscribe to a newsletter.
  • Search news in the site (by keyword and date).
  • Create newsletters and send them through your email service provider.
  • Bring news from sites that have RSS and form sites that do not.
  • Host the site under your own domain or subdomain.

This video gives an overview of NewsletterBreeze.

ContentBreeze has the following features.

  • All NewsletterBreeze features.
  • Make your news site visible to all your visitor.
  • Moderate news, sites.  Make certain news public and other private.
  • Automatically tag news according to their content.
  • Share news & schedule them on your social media accounts (Twitter, Facebook, Linkedin).
  • Create specific pages.
  • Display specific news in your own website.

As you read the help sections, you’ll see references to features that are not available to NewsletterBreeze customers.

If you have a NewsletterBreeze account, you can upgrade to a ContentBreeze account at any moment (as soon as we launch it). It will be soon.

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