How To Moderate news

In certain cases, you may want to moderate news coming from a certain website.  You may want to do this for any number of reasons, for example:

  • You are bringing news feeds that mention your company and you want to make sure that you approve each news story before publishing it to make sure it says positive things.
  • You have doubts about the quality of news from a certain website you may want to moderate them until you confirm it to be a good source.
  • You may have other reasons as well, the point is that you can moderate news as you wish.

ContentBreeze has the advantage that lets you moderate news feeds from any site you include. If you put a certain website into moderation, all news coming from that website will be “unapproved” until someone manually approves each one of them.

Only logged in admins can see moderated news that has not been approved.

How to moderate news from a specific website:

  1. Go to the “Site” menu and choose the “List webs” option.
  2. Edit the website you want to “moderate”
  3. On the edit screen, look for the field called “Approved Site”.  If it is ticked which  is the default, it means that all news from that site will be automatically approved.  If you want them to be moderated by you, untick the “Approved site” option.

How to approve moderated news:

First,  click your name to open the menu options. To see news feeds which are “moderated” choose the menu option “On moderation” which is in the header menu on the right hand side. moderate-4

The website will display all news with the status of “on moderation”, ordered by newest first. Now you will be able to approve or delete any of them by clicking the “Approve” or “Delete” button in pink as you see in the image below. moderate-5 With ContentBreeze, you can also moderate any previously approved news. Just click the pink “Moderate” button below the news and that news will go to moderation. moderate-1


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