How to Find Great Sites About Your Niche Using Google Search

There are many ways how you can find great websites about your niche using Google’s search tool.  The only problem with Google is that sometimes it does not discriminate as to good or bad results.

Google search operators

You may well find yourself wasting a lot of time going through the search results and eliminating all the unwanted items.  Google search operators will help you greatly improve  the search quality and eliminate a lot of the noise.

Simply go to Google.Com and use the search box. Following are some examples of how to use these search operators:

  • Use Quotations –  In the search box, put “your keyword/s” in quotes. Google will look for pages that have those specific keywords in the page.
  • Use intitle – Again, in the search box, type:  intilte:your keyword. Google will show you only results that have those keywords on the title. Allintitle would look for results that have all those keywords in the title
  • Use inurl – Input the terms; inurl:your keyword into the search box. Google will show you results that have those keywords on the url. Allinurl would look for results that have all those keywords in the url.

Below you will find two good guides that will show you many more Google search operators.

  1. 1.      Find lists of blogs or websites that other people have collected around your niche

The easiest way to find the best websites and blogs around your niche is to use other people’s previous research.

If you look around, you will find that very often, people have already searched and selected the best blogs around your niche and have already written about it. All you need to do is find these lists.  To find them, try the following searches.

  • Best blogs [your niche]
  • List blogs [your niche]
  • List websites [your niche]
  • Directory [your niche]
  • Blog directory [your niche]
  • Best websites [your niche]
  • Blogs [your niche]

If you do not find enough of these, try different keyword variations people could use to describe your niche.

  1. 2.      Do searches from Google, specifying specific blogging platforms.  This will help you concentrate the results on blogs from those platforms that have a lot of content.

This way, you will be able to pinpoint specific blogs on those platforms that write about your niche.

Try the following searches in Google.

  • [your niche] wordpress
  • [your niche] blogspot
  • [your niche] tumblr
  1. 3.      Do generic searches

If the above searches do not yield good results, you can try more generic searches.  The following are some good examples:

  • [your niche]
  • [your niche] news
  • [your niche] blog/s
  • Association [your niche]  This will show you the association’s website which may incluse many sites from your niche
  • Links [your niche]

Use different keyword variations for [your niche].

——————————- BEAR IN MIND THAT——————————-

You can bring news from websites with or without an RSS Feed.  From those sites, you can import all news or only the news from a very specific category,tag or that have specific words in the title.

If you do not have the time to look for great sites and upload them, you can always ask someone else to do it for you or we can do this for you.

Once you find a great site, you can find more by checking blogroll and link pages on that page.  They usually link to other great sites on your niche  You can read more about this here.

Remember that every time you find a good blog source, you should collect its RSS.

If you do not have the time to do all of this yourself, we can do it for you.

In the right sidebar, you will find other ways to find great blogs and websites around your niche.

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