Your ContentBreeze website under your own domain/subdomain

When you first create an account at ContentBreeze, we give you a subdomain to use.  You can change this domain/subdomain at any time to your own domain or subdomain.  This tutorial will detail the steps to do so.

Note that what is explained in this tutorial is different from displaying the content of your ContentBreeze website on your current website. If you want to fully integrate the news in your own current website, check this tutorial instead.

This tutorial will cover the following cases.  Let’ say that your current account at ContentBreeze is, for example:

And you currently have a domain called: You could show what is currently being showed under: either:

  • Under
  • Or under a subdomain at, for example,

In order to do this, you will need to follow these instructions:

In the “Configure” menu and choose the “Domain Configuration” option.


In the field “Domain” type in either your domain name or your subdomain name, depending on which you are using.




Once you have entered the correct information, click “update”.

The next part you will need to do with your Name/Domain registrar, which is the company you have bought your domain from (for example, Godaddy).  We are not managing your domain or subdomain, this is managed by your own domain registrar.  We cannot make these changes for you unless you specifically tell us to do so, since we do not control your domain.

Below, you will see the step to step instructions on how to handle this.  When you read this, bear in mind that you will have three options, which are:

1)      You can ask your domain registrar to do this for you.

2)      You can ask your developer to do this for you. Just send him this link.

3)      If you find no other way, you can ask us to do this for you.  In this case, bear in mind that you will need to provide us with access to your domain name registrar’s account.

Mapping your own domain:

This is when you want your full domain, for example,, to display your ContentBreeze website.

To map a domain to, you need to make some changes at your domain registrar that will tell your domain that it should display your ContentBreeze website.

You will need to update the name servers at your registrar. Enter these two separate entries:


You can change your domain’s name servers at your registrar’s website.  If you are confused by these steps, ask your name registrar and they will be able to help you.

Keep in mind that there are many domain/Name registrars and each one handles this in a different way. Because of the differences, it is not possible for us to show you how your specific name registrar handles it.

If you do not find information about how to change the name servers on their website, you will need to contact support at your name registrar and they will tell you how to change them. This is something that is really, really common, so your domain registrar can either do it for you or show you a tutorial with the step to step instructions for doing it on their site.

Here is a sample email you can send:

“I would like to use my own domain [insert your domain name here] with a site hosted at another server. In order to do this, I need to point my domain’s name servers to:


They should be able tell you exactly how to do this.  Once you have updated your name servers, it will take up to 2 days before your domain points to your ContentBreeze website.  During this time, you will still be able to use your ContentBreeze subdomain.

Mapping your subdomain:

If you have a domain and you want to point a subdomain to our ContentBreeze, you can also do so.

This is a good alternative if, for example, you have the domain: In this scenario, you currently host your website and you want to have a news website, separate from your own domain, for example:

Again, this is something you will need to do at your Domain registrar, since they are the ones that control your domain.  You will just need to add a CNAME record through the registrar where you purchased your domain or through your DNS provider. You should NOT change your Name Server information if you wish to only map a subdomain. The CNAME should look something like: IN CNAME

Please note the fullstop character at the end of each domain name.

Instructions on how to add a CNAME record can vary between domain registrars. If you do not know how to do this, we recommend contacting your domain registrar for assistance with this step. Remember, your domain registrar is the place that you purchased your domain from originally.

To get specific instructions on how to do this, you can send your registrar the following email.

I would like to map a subdomain of a domain I have registered with you to a subdomain hosted at  I would like that: points to  Can you please add a CNAME record to point to

In this example here, just replace with your desired subdomain. to your ContentBreeze account.

Still confused?  Contact us at (info @

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