Creating Website Pop-ups

Creating Website Pop-ups

This guide will show you how to collect emails of your visitors so convert them into subscribers to your website.  one way you can collect their emails is by using pop-ups, which are explained in this guide, and through forms, explained in this guide.

Forms will help you grow the lists you already have with external email service providers such as Mailchimp or Aweber.

How to configure Pop ups

  1. On the admin area, click on the Marketing menu found on the uppermost right corner of the menu bar. Click on the arrow and choose the Collect Emails option.1
  2. You will be directed to a page where you can create Pop-ups and Forms. Pop-ups are windows that suddenly appear when a visitor is viewing a certain page. The objective of these pop ups is to gather email addresses or to display an ad.2

In this case, we are going to create pop-ups to collect emails from our site visitors. To do that, first you have to click the New Pop-up button in the upper left corner.

  1. After you click New Pop-up, you will see a page that looks like the one below. This page is where you will enter everything you need for your pop-up window.3
  2. In this example, we will make a pop-up that will promote the subscription to a newsletter. We want to send subscribers the best news of the week about our chosen topic. Therefore, this will be the name of the pop-up; Best News of the Week. Enter the title in the Name field.

Choosing the email service provider

To chose the email marketing service, click the drop down arrow and  you will see, at the time this guide is written, two options.   Choose the one that you or your company is using, either Mailchimp and Aweber..  If you are using another email service provider, check the website because we may have added it recently.  If you do not see it, send us an email and we will let you know  when it will be included.

The guides below give you specific information on how to set up your pop-up with different email service providers:



Designing the pop up

For Design, we will use the White with Arrow option as an example. This means that the pop-up window will have a white background color with a red arrow.

For the Title text, type the desired name of your pop-up. Let’s use Weekly Tips as an example.

For the Main title text, type something that elaborates on your title text and encourages your visitor to input their Name and Email.  For example, you could say something like ‘Get the Best Weekly Tips to Improve and Grow Your Agency’. You can enhance the way your text looks by changing the font size, style, color and positioning.

The Body text gives more information on the benefits of subscribing to your list. It also details  what your subscribers will get once they enter their name and email into the pop-up. Try to make it short, concise and use an inviting tone.

You can also change font sizes, colors and many other things by using the tool boxes.


  1. The Name text field is where a person enters her or his name. In this field, type what you want to show by default in the name text box. This is the text that appears before the person types her name in. It could say something like ‘Name Here’.
  2. The Email text field is where a visitor would put his email address. Again, input what you want to show by default in the email text box before the person types his email.

The Privacy text is a short sentence that assures your subscribers that their emails will not be shared with anyone else. This text will appear just below the boxes that are used to enter email addresses and names.  In our example, we will use “We hate SPAM. We will not share your email with anyone.  You can unsubscribe at any time.”

The Submit button text is the text that is actually on the subscribe button that a subscriber will click to subscribe.

You can change the look of the Submit button by changing the color and background.


  1.  At the right side of the editing page, you will see what your pop-up looks like based on your specifications.
  2. The Time open field lets you set the numbers of seconds that the website will wait before showing the pop-up to your visitors. If you want the pop-up to show instantly as the page loads, you would enter the number 0. If you want to wait a few seconds before the pop-up appears, just enter the number of seconds of delay as a number there (for example, 30 for 30 seconds).

The Show back field lets you specify the number of days that need to pass before the same pop-up is shown to each person again. If you want the pop-up to appear every time your page or site is loaded for your visitors, you will enter the number 0.  If you want to wait for  30 days since a person closed the window last,  put 30 in that field.

Then choose Active to activate the pop up.

After everything has been set, click on the Create button. Your pop-up should show up on the page or URL you made it for.


Remember that you need to integrate the pop-up with your email service providers.

Collecting emails with pop-ups is only one way it can be done. You can also collect them with forms.  Click here to see how to collect emails with forms.

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