How to create a page using ContentBreeze

In ContentBreeze you can create your own personalized pages.  Please note that this is a different than you use for adding news to the site.

If you want to create a page, follow these instructions:

  1. Go to “Sites” menu and choose the “Pages” option. display pages

You will be taken to a page where you’ll see two tabs, “pages” and “pages with news”  You can find more information about “pages with news” in this link.

Next, click on the blue button marked “New Page” pages2This will take you to the page where you’ll see the following fields:

Title: Type in the title of the page as you wish it to appear

Internal URL:Insert the URL of the page here.

Meta Description: Meta descriptions are good for SEO Purposes to help search engines find your site easier.  You do not have to fill up this field, but you may want to.

Content: Copy and paste or type your content here.

Sidebar:  Tick this box if you want to display the sidebar on the new page.

Status: Specify if you want the page to be published or leave it as a draft.

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