Creating Website Forms to collect emails

This article will show you how to collect your visitors emails through forms embedded in your ContenBreeze website.  You could also use pop ups for the same objective.

  1.  In the admin area, click the Marketing menu found on the right corner and choose Collect Emails.


  2. To create a form, select the Forms tab then click the New Form button.Creating forms is  pretty close to the same as creating pop-ups, with only slight differences. You have to follow the same steps, except that when you create a form, you do not need to set up Time open and Show back options. This is  because unlike pop-ups, forms are included in the general lay-out of a website or URL. Pop-ups, on the other hand, are a separate dialogue box.


  3. Fill in the fields the same way we explained with the  pop-up.  If you have not checked the pop up guide, check that guide by clicking here, and follow the same steps.



How to include your form in design.

Once your form has been created, you can include it in one of three places.

They can be included in your design, for example in your sidebar. You will see how to include them in this guide.

sidebar form

They can be included in the header (front message)

header form

They can also be included at the top or bottom of your personalized pages.

How to include a form to the sidebar

To include your form in the layout of your web page or the sidebar, follow these instructions. First, click on Configure which is located at the left side of your menu bar and choose Theme Configuration.


  1. You will be directed to the layout configuration of the Home Page. Notice the SIDEBAR layout at the right side. This is where we are going to place our form.


  2. To add the new form we have created, go to the SIDEBAR drop down menu. Click on it and choose Form Email.


  3. After you choose Form Email, click the + (plus) button at the right.


  4. Now the SIDEBAR panel contains the added Form Email, as shown below. If you have created more than one form, click the Select Form button (Select Form).


  5. A pop-up window will show as you see below. Click the drop down arrow and select the form you want to add to the sidebar. In this example, Best News About Agencies option. Then hit the Assign button.


  6. The new form is now a part of the SIDEBAR layout. You can change its position by dragging and dropping it in the place you want it placed. Don’t forget to click the Save button to save the final configuration.19

The form you just created will look something like this:

20If you want to set up a pop-up to collect email addresses, check the following guide.


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