Configuring the news in your own website

At ContentBreeze we give you a fully operative website that you can display under your own domain or subdomain

We also give you the option of displaying the news feeds on your current website, for example in a specific “News” section of the site.

This is a good option if, for example, you want to display news that the media has published about your company in your own website.  It is also helpful if you just want to give your visitors current updates about your niche.

If this is what you want to do, you can use the ContentBreeze website to control the type of news you bring in. You can also moderate the news feeds that are being brought in so you can approve those you want to display in your website.  With your ContentBreeze account you will also be able to share news in your Twitter account and easily create newsletters for your subscribers.

We are integrating with the most important CMS such as WordPress, Drupal and Joomla so that you can display ContentBreeze news in websites created with these CMS’s.  If you have a website which is not based in any of these CMS’s, you will still be able to integrate such news in your website.

Please contact us at info @ and we will let you know the different options available to you.

Once we have agreed on a solution, we can either do the full integration for you or give your developers the information they need to do this integration themselves.

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