How to configure a front page message in your ContentBreeze website

How to configure a front page message in your ContentBreeze website:

In ContentBreeze you can create a “Welcome” message in the front page, right under the header and menu.  With this message, you could:

  1. Welcome visitors.
  2. Explain what the website is about.
  3. Include, or not include, a sign-up form so people can sign up to your newsletter.

You can see an example of the front page message in yellow in the image below.  Below the front message, you’ll find the sign up form (which could be configured, or not). front-message

To configure the front message, go to the “Configure” menu and select “Front message” configure-1

You will get to a screen that will look something like this: front-message2

In the description field, type in the text you want to appear in the front page of ContentBreeze.  You can format this text with all the available “edit” buttons and also include links.

If ,under the front page message, you wanted to add a form to collect emails, you would need to chose a form in the field below description.  The suggested forms will be any you have created in this section.

When you add a form, it will only show the email and name fields and the button from the original form.  It will not show the rest of the design you configured in your original form.  This form will  already be linked to your account, so the only thing you need to do is chose one of them.

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