Personalize the site’s design

Personalize the design of the theme (News section)

The site allows the user multiple different types of customization, which are:

1)      You can customize the way the ContentBreeze looks and the information it includes, which is what this guide is about.

2)      You can display the resulting news in your own website, so the resulting news would be fully integrated to your own website.  More information about this in this link.

This article is about how to customize the look and feel of your ContentBreeze website.

The ContentBreeze website is  organized into four sections, which are:

  • Header
  • Body
  • Sidebar
  • Footer

In the image below you can see these four sections .

For each one of these sections, you can customize the following

  • Features that will appear on that section
  • Colors/design

If you want to configure your theme, you will need to go to the menu “Configure” and chose “Theme configuration”

1You will see something like this: 2The above image is of a site that has already been configured. If you start a new site configuration, you will see a basic configuration option.  The four different sections that you see in the admin section will be in four different colors.

At the right hand side,  you have the sections and a drop down menu for each section.  In this section, you will be able to chose the existing features for the menus.

At the left hand side, you see the configuration of each section and all the features that have been included in each one of the sections.  As you can see, the colors of each section at the right hand side and left hand side are the same so you can easily identify sections.

To add a new section to your ContentBreeze site, all you need to do is add it from the specific section at the right sidebar. 3These are the steps:

1)      On the menu on the right, click the unfold arrow to unfold the options.

2)      Chose the option you want to add to the section.  In the example in this tutorial the task will be to add your Twitter Feed

3)      Press the + button to the right, and that feature will be added to the sidebar section on the left.  Once it has been added to the section on the left, you can drag and drop it to put it exactly where you want to display it. 4

Once the features are displayed on the left hand side, you can configure the specific settings on each of those items.

When you are done, be sure to save it.  You have several save buttons in the admin, one for each section and one to save it all. Use the save option for each section and then the save all option when you are finished.

Configuring the site’s design is quite intuitive. If you need more details on how to customize each part,  you can find these details below.

  • Header Customization:
  • Body Customization:
  • SideBar Customization:
  • Footer Customization
  • Footer/Footer customization:
  • Color configuration


  • Image: This is used to display an image on the header.  You will need to upload the image.  Once uploaded, if you direct your mouse to the lower right hand corner, you will then be able to make the image larger or smaller.
  • Personalized:  You can add any text you want to the header by adding a “personalized” widget.
  • Activate menu:  This is the menu that goes right under the header. Click the option to display such menu.

If you want to personalize this menu, you will need to go to the menu (see image below) and follow this easy guide.


  • Activate Search: You can add a search box in the header, so that visitors can find news in the site related to certain search terms.

You can inert a personalized text right under the header.  For example, you could add a subscribe form to your front end, so people could subscribe to your email list.


  • Image or ad:  To add an image or add to your body
  • Personalized –  Add any text or links you want to your body.
  • Latest news  – This is the most important part of the site and the feature you need to display the last  news that you’ve chosen at the front end.  You can configure the number of news feeds to show in the front end.

You can configure the aspect of the news, by following this guide.


  • Image or ad: Add an image or add to the sidebar and configure what happens when a person clicks on it.
  • Featured news:  Add this feature if you want to display the featured news in your  pages sidebar.  Featured news feeds are the ones that an admin chooses to be featured. Also, these are the news feeds are configured to be always “Featured” from the site’s configuration page.
  • More popular news:  News that have received the most clicks in the website will be featured  in this section.  It will show the most popular news of today, yesterday and the week as you wish.
  • Facebook: Configure your Facebook feed to be displayed on the front end or sidebar.
  • Other websites:  Add this widget to display a list of all the websites you are bringing news into your site from.  You have two options for this.  You can either link directly to the website or you can link to a page within your ContentBreeze page that shows all the news you have collected from that website.
  • Twitter: Display your Twitter feed and let people subscribe to it.
  • Personalized: Put whatever information you want. Supports HTML.
  • Form Email:  Add this widget to add a form to collect email addresses of the people who come to your website.  Before you do this, you need to configure it by following  these steps.
  • Search:  Add a search box so that visitors can search for specific news feeds within your site.


  • Latest videos:  Displays the latest videos from Youtube as you  set up in the admin.  More information about how to set up videos in this link.
  • Put here a date:  This widget will let your visitors search news that ContentBreeze brought in for a specific date or range of dates.
  • News organized by categories.
  • Tag cloud: If you configure the site to automatically tag news according to its content, you can display of the tags in your tag cloud.
  • Group of tags:  Show tags grouped by topic.  This is useful when you have many, many tags and you want to organize them better so visitors can find them easier.
  • Latest news from the best webs:  This is a direct link to a page that shows all websites that you use to bring in news and shows the last news from each site.
  • Image or ad:  Show a personalized image or ad in the footer section.

Color configuration:

At the bottom of the sidebar you have the color configuration widget that will let you configure the colors used on the website.

If you click on the color options, you will be able to chose the color from a grid of available colors.  You can also place the HTML color codes directly on each individual box.



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