Bring in news feeds from websites with RSS.

Bring in news feeds from websites with RSS.

In ContentBreeze, you can bring in news from websites that have RSS as well as news feeds from websites that do not have RSS.

To bring news from sites that do not have RSS, follow this tutorial.

In this tutorial I will explain three different ways to find the RSS of those sites you are interested in bringing in.

Look for the RSS icon on the website

The first option will be that once you arrive to the website, look for the RSS icon.  The RSS icon will look similar to these. RSS buttons

This will be the easiest way, although not the fastest nor the most reliable way to find RSS fees on web sites you visit.  The RSS icon will usually be orange, so it will be a brighter color and therefore, easy to spot.

On some sites, there may not be an icon but you will be able to find the words “RSS” or “RSS feed”, somewhere in the sidebar or in the footer of the page.  Just look around and check these areas to find the RSS feed link.

When you find such button or link, all you need to do is click on it and copy the URL to place it in ContentBreeze.

Use Firefox to find the RSS  for you

You can use your Mozilla Firefox web browser ( to find the RSS for you.  This is the fastest and probably the best way to find the URL of the RSS for any site, since the browser actually does the work and finds it for you.  However, you will need to configure Firefox to do this.  We have prepared a specific tutorial that shows you all the steps you need to follow to configure Firefox to find the RSS.


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